Stuff Your Kindle with FREEBIES ~ Spring Break Edition! #free #books #romance


Quick announcement ~ STUFF YOUR KINDLE WITH FREEBIES! TODAY ONLY: Dozens of FREE romances, for Kindle, Nook, iBooks and Kobo readers! CLICK HERE: I have a freebie (NEW YORK: Allie’s War Early Years) in this list, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy! Tons more awesome writers offering sexy …

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HOT WINTER READS! 3 Day Sale of 99 Cent Books! #books #romance


HOT WINTER READS! 3 days only…dozens of 99 cent romance books!   CLICK HERE: I have SHIELD: Allie’s War Book Two in this sale, marked down to 99 Cents as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal…and well as LONDON: Allie’s War Early Years, which is on sale for the first …

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LONDON (Allie’s War Early Years) ~ NEW RELEASE! #psychic #PNR


Just a quick announcement – LONDON (Allie’s War Early Years) is now live! As an FYI, I’m selling it at the special price of 99 cents for just the first few weeks of release…so now’s the time to pick up a copy. Here’s the info below (including links and excerpt) …

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Women of the Apocalypse Storybundle! #apocalypse #dystopian #books


THE CULLING (Alien Apocalypse Part I) is being featured as part of a WOMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE book bundle on Storybundle…(say that 5x fast) Here’s the link, some amazing authors being featured here: WOMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE Here are the books and authors being featured: For those unfamiliar with STORYBUNDLE, …

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